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The Beatles – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

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Counting down the 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS – “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is one of Paul’s jaunty little “music hall” tunes like “When I’m 64” or “Honey Pie,” but with a sketch about a psychopathic med student, he turns his usual whimsy into a sick joke. A literal approach to the lyrics has been taken in this youtube animation, so I advise you to avert your eyes if you don’t find bloody murder amusing. The production of the music is lavish and all in a bad cause. As John said, “I hate it…. He made us do it a hundred million times. He did EVERYTHING to make it into a single and it never was and it never could’ve been.” This is the third cut on ABBEY ROAD (1969), the last album the Beatles recorded, a bemusing shift of mood after “Come Together” and “Something.”


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