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The Beatles – Ask Me Why

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Counting down the 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS – “Ask Me Why” reveals the immaturity of John and Paul as songwriters from its opening line. Once you start with “I love you-woo-woo-woo-woo,” you’ve pretty much painted yourself into a corner. The song gets stuck there and never gets out. This is an extremely early work, actually first released in the UK as the flip side of “Please Please Me” in January 1963, and was not part of the legendary February 11 all-day recording session for (although included on) the album PLEASE PLEASE ME. In the U.S. it was originally the flip side of “Please Please Me” on Vee-Jay Records, which then changed its mind and replaced it on the re-release with the far superior “From Me to You.” The tune is competently constructed, cliché as it is, but the lyrics give it no help.


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