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The Beatles – What Goes On

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Counting down the 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS – “What Goes On,” recorded in November 1965, was the first time Ringo got a songwriting credit. John explained in an interview that it was a very early song he’d written to which Ringo and Paul added a middle 8 during the recording session. We’d been told in the fan mags at the height of Beatlemania that Ringo liked country music, and here at last was an example — but unfortunately not a very GOOD example. In the UK this song leads off side 2 of RUBBER SOUL, but in the US edition of RUBBER SOUL it doesn’t appear at all, being deferred along with “Drive My Car,” “Nowhere Man,” and “If I Needed Someone” to the YESTERDAY AND TODAY compilation. It’s not horrible, but it doesn’t quite reach any kind of high point or solid hook, and it doesn’t have much of that Beatles magic we always like to hear.

In case you’re following the countdown, so far we’ve highlighted (or perhaps the word should be “lowlighted”) 10 Bad Boy, 9 Mr. Moonlight, 8 Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, 7 Ask Me Why, and 6 What Goes On.


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