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The Beatles – Sexy Sadie

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Counting down the 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS – “Sexy Sadie,” stinking up side 3 of the white album since 1968, tells John’s story of his disillusionment with the Maharishi. This turns out to be even more boring than the story of all four Beatles’ sudden infatuation with the Maharishi. Spite is a poor substitute for wit. This is the dreariest, ploddingest chord progression ever heard from the Beatles. Bad lyrics, bad chords, what am I leaving out? Oh yes, bad melody. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Nevertheless, I’d like to assure you that my list of 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS is strictly a representation of my tastes and my opinions, and that of course we all have different tastes and opinions — please don’t take it badly if we disagree. I have a note here saying that “Sexy Sadie” is one of Julian Lennon’s favorite songs by his dad. I’m not about to tell Julian he can’t have a fondness for this, and the same goes for you about this and all the other songs on my list.

To reprise, this is how we got here: 10 Bad Boy, 9 Mr. Moonlight, 8 Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, 7 Ask Me Why, 6 What Goes On, 5 Maggie Mae, 4 Dizzy Miss Lizzy, 3 Old Brown Shoe, 2 Sexy Sadie … and tomorrow I’ll put the cherry on top.


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