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The Beatles – I’m Down

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Counting down the 10 WORST BEATLES SONGS – “I’m Down” is my pick for the worst of all the Beatles’ songs. Paul evidently set out to write a replacement for the Little Richard shouter “Long Tall Sally,” a frequent closer for the Beatles’ live performances. It has the same tempo and the same stops-and-starts approach, but unfortunately “I’m Down” does NOT have everything that Uncle John needs. The tune is lame — three chords and a melody totally lacking inspiration — and the lyrics are pathetic. Here’s a youtube video so you can read the words even after you’ve turned off the sound.

“I’m Down” reached our ears as the flip side of “Help!” and never sullied any of the canonical albums in either Britain or the States. Even when Capitol did the “Beatles Again”/”Hey Jude” collection of singles and flip sides as far back as A Hard Day’s Night, “I’m Down” didn’t make the cut.


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