Onomato Pound Cake

Sounds like fun!

Contradance time in Clarkston!

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Me on the piano! Our trio’s name is Free Association.


Nose of the Sphinx

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A contradance tune

Played this one again for the September 7, 2012 dance in Clarkston. Taken in a sort of “goofball march” mood, it’s nice for getting dancers up and down the hall in an appropriately raucous manner.

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A contradance tune!

This is a strict form:  8 measures repeated, 8 measures repeated, back to the top.  Meanwhile a merriment of dancers line up to enjoy intricate and intimate contact in one of the thousand contradances.  Swinging, whirling, the gypsy or the petronella, the wizards’ walk or the hey, a riot of color and grace.

The name of this tune comes from the Qu’Appelle River in Saskatchewan, which in turn takes its name from a story of a Cree brave paddling up the river in a canoe, thinking he can hear a voice from the shore calling to him.  “Who is calling?” he asks:  “Qui appelle?” in French.

I play piano in a little band named Free Association, and we’ll be playing this Friday night, September 7, 2012, for the contradance in Clarkston, Georgia (in metro Atlanta). Drop me a line if you’d like more details!